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  1. This regulation states the rights and duties of attendees of the Wild Times 2019 convention, which takes place from 19th till 22nd of September 2019.

  2. Each and every one of the convention attendees of Wild Times 2019 (further referred to as Wild Times), organized by Felix Lembcke (further reffered to as organizer) is obliged to read the regulations.

  3. By registering at the convention website, the attendee agrees to terms of these regulations.

  4. Wild Times takes place in Kulturhaus, and so all attendees are required to also abide to the facility regulations.

  5. Both Wild Times and the facility regulations will be available onsite as well as in electronic form.

  6. Those who will not obey the regulations may be removed from the convention without the right to have their money back.

  7. Organizer reserves the right to have the final decision regarding regulations interpretation.

  8. In matters not mentioned in the regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall be applied.



  1. Attendees are required to give their personal data: first name, last name and date of birth. Those details are necessary for the convention organization - they will be used only to prepare the documentation, the achievement system and maybe for anonymous statistical data, nothing else (for example, marketing).

  2. In order to attend Wild Times you need to be 18 years or older at the first day of the convention.

  3. Data such as first name, last name and date of birth have to be submitted through the website.

  4. Confee is a donation irreclaimable by the participant, although it could be passed to another attendee.

  5. Wild Times is a closed event and Organizer has the right to deny attendance without explanation.

  6. All payments have to be made at least 14 days before the convention starts, unless stated otherwise. In case of non-payment in due date time, the organizer reserves the right to remove selected convention supplements, place reservations at the facility or to remove them from the participants list.

  7. Selected room can be changed by the organizer when:

  • If rooms are not fully occupied for a longer period of time

  • The room will be disabled for technical reasons

  • The participant did not pay all the required amount within the specified period of time



  1. Confee is a type of attendance payment made by the attendee

  2. There is one type of confee:

  • allowing for an adult attendee to enter the convention site

  1. In every other case the rights and duties remain the same, no matter the Confee type.



  1. Only persons with Wild Times badge issued by the organizers and the facility staff are allowed to be within the convention area.

  2. Badges are used for quick attendee identification and to not allow others to participate in the convention. They serve both organizational and security purposes. Therefore they should be clearly visible at all times.

  3. The badge contains information of a confee type acquired by the owner.

  4. Persons without badges will be escorted the shortest way to the exit by the security.

  5. Your avatar image to be placed on the badge must not contain anything obscene, commonly considered offensive or vulgar. If you're unsure whether or not your avatar fits this requirement, feel free to contact organizers for clarification.



  1. Organizer doesn't take responsibility for the damage incurred by the attendee on body, mind or property.

  2. Organizer doesn't take responsibility for the things left without care or lost, nor the cars left on the parking lot near the venue.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to bring to Wild Times the following things:

    • weapons within the meaning of Law on Weapons and Ammunition

    • pneumatic weapons (ASG, paintball)

    • ammunition for aforementioned weapons

    • white weapons (with the exception of knives and so called "LARP safe weapons")

  4. The items listed in the previous section can be brought to the convention only if the Organizer allows it and if they are necessary for some convention event.

  5. Wild Times attendees are required to maintain cleanliness and order in the convention site and the nearby area.

  6. Alcohol consumption is allowed only within areas designated by the Organizer.

  7. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside..

  8. Using, possession and distribution of drugs or other similar things are strictly forbidden.

  9. Persons under the effects of alcohol or drugs may be removed from the convention by the Organizer or the facility staff.

  10. Every Wild Times participant is expected to behave appropriately. We also ask you to respect the decisions of and cooperate with the Organizer and the facility staff.

  11. Organizer is not responsible in any way for the damage done by the Wild Times attendees. Offender will take full responsibility (including financial).

  12. Every Wild Times attendee staying at the convention facility is required to let their room be checked by the organizer before they leave. We also ask to leave your room in a reasonably good condition.

  13. The punishment for non-compliance of the regulations are:

  • Verbal warning,

  • Removal off the convention area, without the return of the fee

  1. In case of breaking the law, Organizer will notify appropriate authorities



  1. For the duration of the convention the Organizer will appoint a Security Team.

  2. The Organizer chooses the team members, their tasks and provides necessary equipment.

  3. The Security Team is led by the Organizer or someone else designated by him.

  4. The main task of the Security Team is to provide security where there is an organized group of convention attendees within the event area. Neither the Organizer nor the Security Team takes the responsibility for the security of those who are outside of the convention area.



  1. Those with "Organizer" status who actively participate in the convention organization are excluded from the competitions they organize - unless stated otherwise.

  2. The organizer is not obliged to provide alternate means of transportation to where the convention event take place.

  3. Attendees are not allowed to talk to the media about the convention without prior consent of the Organizer.

  4. All advertising materials not approved by the Organizer will be removed from the convention along with persons distributing them.



  1. Data of the attendees is being processed by the Cogitavi Foundation, represented by Lemur Solutions Paweł Butyliński (e-mail: pbutylinski[at]

  2. Attendee's data will be shared with Kulturhaus (located in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany).

  3. The data will be processed in order to manage attendees of the Wild Times convention, the achievement system and their room reservations (if applicable).

  4. All the personal data will be stored up to one month after convention ends (22nd of October 2019, while all information necessary for the achievement system will be stored for future instances of the Wild Times convention and can be deleted upon request (resulting in the removal of all connected achievements).

  5. Any attendee can request to cancel processing their data and remove it from our systems by canceling their participation in the convention.

  6. The data will not be processed or shared with any entities located outside Germany, Poland or European Union.